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Who can use Link?

People living locally who are unable to use public transport or it is

not available and have no one else  they can call on. People who

need help and have difficulty getting to medical appointments.

How much will it cost?

We do ask you to make a voluntary contribution towards the

driver’s expenses.  The driver receives 45p per mile towards petrol

and running costs.Your driver will give you a brown envelope into

which you may place your donation. They will be happy to give you

a guide of the mileage of your journey.


What about walking aids and wheelchairs?

Your driver should be able to accommodate walking aids, but this

needs to be discussed with the coordinator at the time of booking.

Wheelchairs can only be taken by prior arrangement, and if

the client or carer is able to load and unload it from the car.

Due to Health & Safety and Insurance restrictions, drivers are

not permitted to lift wheelchairs or clients.

How do I arrange a booking?

Call the Link phone number, giving as much notice as possible,

with your appointment date, time and place, including which

department and likely length of time for the appointment.  

Our Link Coordinator will try to arrange a driver and get back

to you with the driver’s name and a pickup time. Sometimes

due to high demand and/or driver availability we are

not able to satisfy all requests.

How will I know it is my driver?

All Link drivers carry an identification badge bearing their name

and photograph. Their identity can always be verified by

calling the duty coordinator.

What about Covid?

Melksham Link are continuing to provide a service throughout the

pandemic but with a reduced number of drivers.


To keep you and the driver safe the car will be sanitized both before

and after you have been in it. You will be asked to wear a mask,

to wash or sanitise your hands before getting into the car

when being picked up and at the conclusion

of your appointment. You will need to sit in the

rear of the vehicle on the passenger side.


In line with government guidance, clients can only be

accompanied in exceptional circumstances and even then,

this must be discussed with the duty coordinator

and agreed at the time of booking.

What if my appointment is cancelled?

If you need to cancel your appointment, either from

your own choice or because it has been cancelled by the provider,

you must inform the Link coordinator at the earliest

opportunity to avoid unnecessary journeys by our drivers.


If you have any further questions our coordinator

will be happy to answer them when you

contact by phone.

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